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Do It Yourself Websites VS Professional Web Design Which Is Best

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Do it Yourself Websites vs. Web Professional – Which is Best for You?

New web developers are met with a variety of choices as they start to create their website. Among the many confusing decisions, web developers must decide whether to use a do-it-yourself web builder or to hire a web professional. To make the best decision for you, it’s important that you look at their unique circumstances. Each website has different needs and a unique budget. Deciding which method to use for creating a website it’s important to consider the following:

Consider the Budget

One of the biggest factors for new websites is the budget. While do-it-yourself websites cost about $10 a month professionally designed websites can cost thousands of dollars. If the website cannot afford a design, they must be satisfied with a do-it-yourself website builder until the site is making enough money to afford a web designer.

Website Needs

Some websites are extremely simple to design. Brick-and-mortar companies often set up a website that only contains a couple of pages and do not require data bases, special scripting or other needs. These websites are primarily intended to give the company an online platform as well as provide contact information. For a simple website like this, website building software is sufficient.  More complex websites that require data base driven projects, will likely require a professional web designer to create them. Only a professional web designer can manage the sites many widgets and ensure that each page is cleanly designed.

Easier Updates

A DIY website allows the user to instantly update their web page at any time of the day or night.  For sites that require timely updates, waiting for a web designer to do them is not an option.  Companies who require a continuous stream of changes should consider doing the website design on their own.   In addition, most web designers charge a substantial hourly fee for changes.

No Limitations

For a more in-depth website particularly one that requires database driven capabilities, web owners should consider the use of a professional. Web designers know all of the most recent technology and designs available. If the site owner wants the page to stand out, they should find a professional who shares their vision. The professional web designer will be able to give the website a unique, personalized appeal that helps it to stand out of the crowd.

When it comes to deciding on a do-it-yourself website and a professionally designed site, the decision ultimately comes down to the site owner’s budget and needs.  There is no simple answer. Site owners should always decide how to create the site based off of the website’s unique needs.

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