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Guide To Private Domain Registration

Private Domain Registration

How Anonymous Domain Registration Works

Internet privacy is always a top issue for web developers. When people register their domain name, it will often be listed online with all of their personal information. From the moment they start their site, their name, address, phone number and e-mail is instantly available for any criminal or hacker to find. You can escape this problem by getting a private domain registration. An anonymous domain registration allows you to list you domain by proxy. Your information stays secure and all personal data is kept private.

Why Use Domain by Proxy?

Many people are worried about being the target of a scam. When your information is listed online, you are instantly the focus of marketing groups, junk mail and Internet scams. Users can get choose to have their site unlisted and have their personal information protected. For less than one dollar a month, you can avoid the stress that comes with having all of your data available online.

How it Works

When you purchase an anonymous domain registration, your new or existing domain is registered again. Instead of being placed in your name, the name is listed under the name of Domain by Proxy. You can still cancel your domain or transfer ownership. Everything that you can normally do with a registered domain like cancel it, renew or sell it is still possible. If there is a dispute, you can still resolve it as the owner.

With these features, you can keep your information safe and protected against any losses. The registration system is efficient and secure so you can manage your domain easily. You can select where you postal mail is sent and what e-mail addresses are connected to the domain.

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Public Versus Private Domains

Most domain registration systems require your information to be made public. According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, this step is unavoidable for websites. To get around this, we use an affiliate company known as Domain by Proxy. Instead of listing your data in the Whois database, you get an anonymous domain registration.

When you go to the Whois database, none of your personal information will appear. Your phone number, name, e-mail address and home address will remain private. Since most people still need a contact e-mail address, the DBP Private Registration process will give you one. You can still receive e-mails from your users and resolve disputes online. Since this is a unique e-mail address that is given from us, it will keep your information private. Users can select to have incoming mail forwarded to their normal inbox or filtered for spam.

Retaining Full Control

Once you have an anonymous domain registration, you still get to retain full control of your domain registration. Users can change content on their website or sell their domain name. If they want to, they can cancel the account or renew the domain name. You can choose the nameservers for your domain name and update any of the information that we have associated with your account.


For less than one dollar a month, you can protect your identity and stop harassers. Domain-related spam will become a thing of the past since your information is never made available. Any family data, personal information or information about your identity is kept private. You are able to keep you identity sage and prevent your website from being hijacked.

When you list your domain anonymously, you can make it easier to assert your First Amendment rights online and protect your legitimate business. Moonlighters can keep their side-business separate from their normal work life and everyone can reduce the amount of spam they receive each day. With the help of our special private domain registration feature, you can start the domain you always wanted to without having any security worries.

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