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Hosting Packages
Web Hosting for Every Budget and Need

Users new to website creation may be confused over the different hosting options available. A web host is basically a company that makes it so the world can see your website. The web host has multiple servers that can store your website. From this server, your website is readable by people around the world. It lets users find and interact with your webpage. When you buy web hosting services, you are essentially buying space on their server. Much like the concept of a computer hard drive, this server will store your websites information and data. The only difference is that a web hosts “hard drive” will allow your website to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Deciding on a Web Hosting Plan

We offer a variety of different options with our web hosting services suitable for every budget and every need and skill level.  If this is your first website you will probably only require our most basic website package.  More advanced users may require additional bandwidth or specific programming languages and wish to choose between Linux and Windows.

Other factors to consider include the size of your website and the amount of traffic your need. Generally, you will need to purchase a more enhanced plan if your website is larger or has a lot of traffic. No matter what option you choose, our company will be able to provide you with around-the-clock customer support and an affordable price.

Content Management and Website Building

You may also want to consider different content management and website building options. If you want to create your own website, we recommend our website maker which has thousands of designs to choose from and is very simple to use.  You can drag and drop your content through our intuitive website builder. It also lets you select from thousands of professional images to use on your new website. For the small business, these website building applications are invaluable.

Advanced web designers will want to use on of our popular content management systems. These applications let you develop a custom website without having to know complex HTML coding.

Built In FTP Client

After you have completely designed your website, you will want to upload your pages onto our server. This process uses our built-in File Transfer Protocol Manager and is an extremely fast process. Larger files can also be done using different software that speeds up the transfer time.

For users who have a website through someone else, our hosting services are still available. You can move your web hosting to us by using an FTP client. All of your existing files will be placed on our server and be ready to view instantly. If you lack a backup of your files, you should still be able to obtain a copy of them from your current hosting provider. Making the switch will make the process of hosting a website easier for you and more cost effective. Users who have questions can always consult with our customer service team to figure out what works best for them.

Multiple Domains and Readership

Now that your website is hosted, you will be able to see exactly who is visiting your site. You will be able to look at the top-viewed pages and see how many people visit your website each day. It will also let you see which keywords are leading new users to your web pages. All you have to do is type in your domain name and add /stats after it. This will lead you to a page where you have to type in your FTP name and password. Once you have done this, you will be able to view all of your website’s readers and keyword hits.

We also allow users to host multiple domains through our system. You can upgrade your hosting package and be able to host multiple accounts instantly. It also allows you to set up multiple names for your current website. Companies often want to do this to prevent hackers from creating mirror sites. Common misspellings of your webpage can be taken by you. Instead of redirecting to a malicious website, the new alias will allow readers to be redirected to your normal website.

Included in Every Package

It does not matter which plan you purchase: You will get the same high-quality experience with all of our packages. Our plans use Asia Pacific-based servers that are known for their speed and efficiency. In addition to state-of-the-art security, you will also get free email addresses and daily backups of your site. Each package offers no hidden fees, free setup and FTP access. You can enjoy viewing the progress of your website through the various statistics offered by our servers. New users also receive ten photo credits for images on their website.

Basic Options

The most basic plan we offer comes with 10 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. Once you select this option, you will be able to have 10 MySQL databases of 1 GB each. Users also get a low-price and 100 optional email accounts. To make the process of creating your business’s website easier, your new page will receive Facebook ad credits.

Upgraded Plans

For a slightly higher price, you can upgrade your plan so you receive 150 GB of space. In addition to the unlimited bandwidth, users will now receive unlimited websites and 25 MySQL databases. Instead of 100 email accounts, the medium-level upgrade allows users to have 500 email accounts linked to their website. The final added feature is an SSL encryption. As a must-have for ecommerce sites, SSL encryptions ensure that your page is protected from Internet predators.

The best plan we offer comes with all of the benefits listed in the other plans. This exceptionally well-designed option allows you to have unlimited space and 1,000 email accounts. Instead of 500 MySQL databases, it comes with an unlimited number and can host unlimited websites. Users receive premium DNS as well as an SSL certificate. The upgraded package also offers a malware scanner and a fixed IP address.

Choosing a plan should be based on your company’s needs. If you want more space and unlimited websites, one of the upgraded plans will work best. The basic plan is intended for simple websites that are operating on a limited budget. As the plans progress, they offer more benefits to you and the customers on your website. Ecommerce websites should consider purchasing an upgraded plan. With all of the encryption options, ecommerce sites can ensure that their customers’ data is protected.

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