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Discount Web Hosting
Easy, Reliable, Affordable Web Hosting

Business startups are often met with a range of unforeseen costs and fees. These added costs limit their ability to focus on running a business and developing a strong customer base. To make life easier for your start up, our site offers discounted web hosting options. While your company is developing its clientele, it needs to keep costs as low as possible. As one of the leadings suppliers of web hosting, we have designed some of the best discount web hosting packages available.

Web Hosting Packages

To get your company started, we have discounted web hosting options tailored to small businesses. This affordable web hosting platform is designed so that Internet newbies and startups can quickly start their company’s website. With shared cloud hosting and Google credits, your inexpensive web hosting plan can get your company started on the right foot.

Many of our packages include features that are invaluable to new websites. We offer advertising options that help your site reach the readers it needs. In addition, we also have search engine optimization features that help your website to attain the search engine rankings it needs. Offered at a discount to the user, these options enable you to develop the customers and ranking that you need to succeed.

Reliable Web Hosting

The Internet has become one of the leading sources of information for consumers. If your company lacks a professional online presence, then you will be unable to provide an easy way for potential customers to know that your business exists or manage the publicity that the business receives. Once you create a website, you can start to garner positive customer reviews and become visible to potential clients looking for your type of service or product.

In order to provide your visitors with the best experience on your website it is important that your site’s performance be guaranteed. Here at Act Now Domains our hosting service is tops in reliability with a 99.9% guarantee of uptime.

In comparison to other providers we are dedicated to providing you with the best service available at the lowest cost and we have the technical cloud infrastructure to make that happen.

Our featured packages come with unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, your choice of Linux or Windows servers and more. We also provide from 10 mb disk space which is suitable for most small business hosting needs to unlimited disk space for very large businesses. In addition and unlike many of our competitors we own our own data center.


With all of the Internet and identity fraud in the news, customers are becoming increasingly sensitive to security issues. Before they make a purchase, many users will check to see if the website has an SSL certificate.  Visitors want to know that you have a secure site and that all of the data that enters or leaves the website is encrypted. The added layer of encryption prevents hackers from stealing financial data or installing spyware within your website’s codes.

Since we know the value of having a secure web page, our premium packages offer SSL certificates and a fixed IP address. Customers who visit your web page will know that all of their financial data is safe. By having this SSL certification, you can increase the number of clients you reach and develop a reputation as a reputable website.

Discount web hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of every small business owner. Our packages are made to meet your needs and we constantly strive to improve the options available for each user. You can use the website builder platform, customized advertising options and a unique blend of templates. With all of these options at your fingertips, you can create a website that is a leader in its field and maintains a high level of web traffic. Your website is the first impression that many customers will have of your company. A high-quality website that interacts with customers is the first step toward creating a company brand that resonates in the client’s mind.

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