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Simple Websites

Simple Websites
Simple Website
The EASY way to Build Your Own Website

Creating a simple website is your first step toward having a broad web presence. This process is exceptionally affordable and easy enough for even the most novice webmaster. You can look through hundreds of designs until you find your ideal template. Once you have selected your template, you can customize it so it matches your company’s preferences. You can add a blog, images or other content through a simple interface. Within days or weeks, your website can be up and running.

Simple Websites

The term simple website can mean different things to different people. Some web designers think that it means a minimalist design with plenty of white space. Other people who are looking to build a website for the first time want to know how to create a website with a really professional-looking design. No matter what you want to do, this simple website builder will be able to meet or exceed your expectations.

If you want a simple black and white design, you can choose one of our templates that support that option. You will be able to have a minimalistic website that features just the content and pictures. This website will be easy for your users to navigate and find content.

For more professional-looking websites, our simple website builder will exceed your expectations. You will be able to have all of your favorite content and interactive forums on your site. You can also select to have professionally developed web templates to boost the credibility of your business. Users that come to your webpage will see it as a professional, useful source. If content is king, then your site will be a veritable emperor.

The Process

To get started you just have to design a domain name for your website. For the best name recognition, you should select a name that represents your niche topic or product the best.  Other businesses will want to select something that is more unique to their business.

While you are creating your domain name, you will want to carefully consider if you want it to end with .com or something else. If your website is country specific, selecting .tw or .uk would be a logical choice. Most people will want to have their website end with .com or .net.

Once the domain name has been selected, you just have to start entering information into the website builder. This simple to use interface allows you to add content, images and media. Users will be able to create their website without having to know complex coding or web hosting at all.

Why You Should Use a Website Builder

Individuals in the field of technology often spend years figuring out how to design a website and write code. As a website developer and business owner, you do not have the time to learn everything from scratch. With an affordable website builder at your fingertips, you can avoid the hassle of coding while still having a personal touch. This process allows you to create a website with the help of professionals and high-quality software. Instead of paying someone to design your page, you save money by using a pre-developed template.

For the beginning web designer, an online website builder offers you an interactive variety of tools and applications. You will be able to develop a high-quality website within minutes instead of months. It also reduces the cost of having a website. Some professional designers will charge up to $5,000 for developing your website. Anything that is not included in this set fee would be charged to you as an extra fee. If you use an online website builder, you get the same quality of website at a fraction of the cost. When things go wrong, you will still be able to get in touch with customer service and find a solution.

Quicker Website Launches

For you to turn your business into a success, you need to have a website. With traditional website designers, you would have to wait weeks or months for the designer to finish their work. Once the work is complete, you may have to go back through everything and change it. This added time ends up costing you valuable resources. It also means that your website will not be functional until much later. Your customers are left without a webpage to visit while you sink your resources into a lengthy process.

Luckily, online website builders can avoid this time-consuming approach to web design. With a few clicks, your first web page can be up and running within a few minutes. Your customers get a better experience and you can start marketing your web pages immediately.

High-Quality Pictures and Media

When you hire a web designer, you also have to pay for any pictures or media used on your website. With our online website builder, you can access thousands of photos in our library. These photos can be used for free and additional pictures can be unlocked if you upgrade to another package. Users of our website builder can also enhance their web pages with additional graphics and media.

If you ever need help, we have a team of professionals ready to give you advice. At each step of the process, you will be able to get the assistance you need in order to create the best possible website. With our help, you can select to have a simple website or a website that resembles professionally-designed pages. No matter what your idea of a simple website is, our website builder will give you the same high-quality design and low price.

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